Tuesday, August 23, 2016

So I dunno

I wish my headache would go away. The tea didn't do much. I need to go back to school and work on stuff.

I probably also need to go get more construction paper for the simulation lab tomorrow (it makes the little organisms we use). DO NOT want to run to wal-mart, not in their "reorg." Wonder if the Walgreens would have what I need....

I called A T and T. That made my headache worse. I was trying to talk to a person.

First go 'round: "We are experiencing an unusually high volume of calls....so here, talk to our automated assistant."

Second go 'round: Got a person, then got send back to the automated system.

Third time: Talked to someone. Got asked my name, rank, and serial number*. Was told I'd be sent to a tech. The operator, while signing off, exclaimed "And don't text and drive!"

Oh honey
Oh honey
Oh honey.

If only you knew. If you had stayed on the line long enough to hear me snarl. For one thing, I never text and drive, never would - I don't even text. I nearly was in a serious accident because the other driver was texting when she pulled out into traffic.  For another - this is SO not the time for that kind of nannying. That's like me going in to the ER with my hand cut off and the ER doctor saying, "My, a little fat, aren't we? Why not try laying off the donuts?"

(*Not actually)

Then I got the tech. Went through the whole name, rank, serial number, shoe size, hat size, everything bit again. Explained to him, "I was told there'd maybe be an appointment but I work full time teaching college and an 8 am to 6 pm window is not something I could do because I teach mornings." Was told, "Oh, we'll probably send someone out before noon."

I guess he didn't hear that I said "college teacher who teaches mornings."

Anyway, I explained again. Finally got it down to, "The problem is most likely in the service box on the outside of the house" (yes, I opened it up and looked and one of the connections looked rusty) and that the tech would most likely not need to go in the house and did I have a locked gate or a dog and I said no and that I gave blanket permission to the tech to go in my backyard but DARN it should not be that hard to talk to a person at what I thought was a giant and profitable company but it seems like they have about five dudes doing all the work.

But yeah. If that doesn't fix it, bye-bye landline. Who ever buys this house after I have it can arrange for the re-wiring. I will need to get a new cellie if I do that, though - this one barely holds a charge any more. (I guess I need to get a new one anyway before I do any more fieldwork - I rely on the phone in the field in case I need help)

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CGHill said...

They've probably outsourced as much of the outside work as possible to independent contractors.

Last time I needed service from the Death Star, it took about a week -- but then a freaking tree fell on their line, which is a bit more complicated than the usual problem. (And the phone kept working through it all.)