Thursday, August 18, 2016

My many talents

* This morning in class (I have a nearly 100% full intro bio class, despite enrollments university wide being down), I had a student come up at the end of class and make a comment along the line of why they took my section especially: "You explain stuff good."

that kind of made me smile, despite the slight grammar hangup. (Yes, I notice those things)

But I wonder if I should put "Good stuff-explainer" somewhere on my CV. It's a useful skill to have.

* This afternoon, dealing with an e-mail exchange. Long story short: I bought a bunch of stuff on my foray to JoAnn's including a yard of a print fabric. When they rang up my bill, I thought, "That's a bit high, isn't it?" but thought maybe the book I was getting was more expensive or something, or I miscalculated the total price of all the notions I was getting in my head.

I had agreed to accept e-mailed receipts, so I didn't have one in-hand to check.

Got home, checked it. Yup. I was charged for four yards of that fabric, not one, so I was overcharged about $30. (Not $40, as I originally thought, but still).

So I e-mailed the customer service: I couldn't very well drive back there, it's 45 minutes to get to Sherman now with the back-road detour I am taking and anyway with classes in session things have been busy.

I didn't hear anything back and kept thinking, "I need to check with them again" but when I thought about it I was away from the computer, and when I was at the computer I was doing other stuff and forgot.

Well, I finally got two e-mails today. One from a person, asking for the store address and phone so she could follow up: apparently any refund has to go through the actual store.

The second one, shortly after, was very short and said, "We have reopened your ticket. We thought this was a matter that was resolved." Which kind of ticked me off: I wait four days, no response, and then you say "we thought this was resolved" What? You'd think I'd forget and go away?

So I responded to THAT e-mail saying, "No, I was hoping for either a credit card refund or a store credit."

Then I got another e-mail, just like it.

Then another.

Then the penny dropped: they have a human person working on the case but there is also a robot working on it. And apparently by responding to the e-mail, I managed to trigger some kind of cascade.

Yeah. I ticked off the JoAnn's Robot. Which I think maybe takes some kind of special talent to do.

(What would a cutie mark in robot-ticking-off look like?)

Also, I am now imagining the JoAnn's Robots look like Rosey:

Except they're all Bedazzled and they have silk flowers hot-glued to them, and maybe they trail marabou trim....

ETA: I wound up with a store credit. The local person (Tabitha) did her best, I read off all the information I had, but their computer was not yielding up the transaction so they couldn't refund my card. (Tabitha said she was going to 'get to the bottom of this' because she said that should not happen). But store credit is fine; I shop there often enough and it's really easier than the "corporate check" or the "I'll put the refund in cash in the safe and you can pick it up next time you're in here" that were the alternate offers, and I hated to keep her on the phone any longer when it sounded like it was a corporate-level mess-up rather than a local one.

oh well.

I wasn't planning on going to Sherman this weekend but maybe next one?

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