Sunday, July 24, 2016

Two new socks

Well, one finished pair and one in-progress sock. Both with inspiration from Pinkie Pie, or at least, could be linked to Pinkie Pie.

First up: the "Party Cannon" socks (which is what I am calling them. The pattern is "Flamethrower" from Chrissy Gardner but as the yarn used was Biscotte et Cie's self-striper in a colorway called "Bonbons Pyramide," I of course thought of Pinkie's Party Cannon. I think she would approve of a pyramidal cake-like object composed of bonbons or of a modification of her party cannon so it would deliver sweets....)

"party cannon" socks

I tried to start them at the same point so they'd come out "the same," but somewhere they got off synch. ("Pinkie Pie, you are SOOOOO random!")

It's one of those patterns designed to break up the plain striping on the self-striping yarns. There are a number of patterns like that out there. (The famous "Jaywalker" pattern does the same thing. As will plugging something like Feather and Fan into a standard sock pattern).

Here's a closer view of the stitch pattern:

party cannon close up

And the second socks - started over break - are the "Spring Forward" socks from Knitty, which were published a long time back (2008? I think) and I kept meaning to make them. I never did, and when I got this neon-pink yarn, that seemed the logical choice.

I am calling these "pronk" socks, because Spring Forward, because they are even pinker than Pinkie Pie's mane, and "pronking" is her standard mode of locomotion:

This is a darkish photo but it shows the stitch pattern a little better:

pronk socks

Here's the true eye-searing-ness of the color (taken with flash):


One of the reasons I like making socks (and other accessories) is that I can use colors or color combinations I would NEVER consider for a sweater or other "big" clothing. That color would be truly frightening scaled up in a sweater to fit a woman my size. 

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