Sunday, July 31, 2016

since it's break

One of the things I purchased Friday at the natural-foods store was another one of those "Seven Free" nail polishes - this one is in a color called Unicorn Horn. It's VERY subtle - really, it's a topcoat - clear with a tiny bit of pink iridescence.

So after adding it as a top coat on my toes, I decided "what the heck, I'm not working with soil right at the moment" and tried it on my finger nails.

I admit it, I'm not a huge fan (FOR ME, I don't care what anyone else does) of brightly colored fingernail polish. But this was so light and delicate I rather like it. Let me see if I can get a webcam shot that shows the pink iridescence....

Okay, not that well. But you can see my nails are starting to grow back in after being really short and break-y and splitty over the winter. (I also recently started taking a B complex and vitamin D again. SUPPOSEDLY B complex is good for your nails, but it's only been a few days. More likely it's less dry much as most of my body hates humidity, my nails hate dry conditions.)

One other random little picture: my most recent Ur-Pony (which is how I think of Gen 1 now). Some Pony collectors talk of Grail Ponies; these are rare ponies much wanted. I have a few Grail Ponies myself but they are not usually uncommon ones.

(I don't collect G3 but find myself wanting a Waterfire if I can find one for not-too-much. She is a blue and orange pony and being a prairie person, anypony with "fire" in her name appeals to me).

Anyway, this is my most recent addition - and she was kind of a "grail pony," at any rate, I didn't dither when I saw her on Etsy:

Baby Gusty! I love her because I love the hot-air-balloon-in-space cutie mark, and she's a yellow and pink pony and yellow ponies are best ponies. She's super cute. The seller warned of a "factory error" - her internal glitter (which is part of her plastic) got concentrated in the tip of her horn but I am just headcanoning that as being that she has extra-special magic powers.

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