Saturday, October 10, 2015

Well, that's better

I'm glad I stayed around at home (to eat lunch and to finish my tea) until after the mailman got here.

Because while my wounded inner 13 year old is still wounded and probably always will be, my inner eight year old who still delights in stuffed toys is delighted.

A few days back, I saw a Princess Celestia for sale on Amazon (Aurora World makes her - I also got the Applejack made by them, and a Twilight. Aurora would probably makes - IMHO - the best of the commercial Pony plushies)

I told myself "no" first, because of things like inflation and No Raises and stuff like that. But then I got the journal article acceptance, and then I thought, But she's less than $30, and you get free shipping, and maybe you want a treat?

So I ordered her.

I also have to admit I loved the stuffie because of what I interpret as a "smug" expression on it. Like she KNOWS something, man. Something you don't know. And that kind of amuses me.

Well, as I said, I'm glad I stuck at home until the mail came, because in it was a big Amazon box, with my Smuglestia.

(If I had gone over to work I would have had to wait until Tuesday because the box would have gone back to the PO and Monday is Columbus Day)



(The alicorn, I mean. Sometimes I admit I have "resting smugface" slightly, because I tend to tilt my chin up (a long history of being told to "tilt your head, dear, so there won't be a glare off your glasses" in school and other photos) and I look like I'm looking down my nose. It may also be partly genetic; I have a photo of my great-grandmother (dad's mom's mom) whom I have been told looks a great deal like me, and she is doing that up-tilted head thing)

So maybe I like this Celestia because of Resting Smugface.

I think I need to get a baby's hairbrush or a gentle brush for her hair, I took her out of her bag (how does she breathe?) and removed her tags but her hair is still kind of a mess.

But yeah, at least my inner eight year old is easily soothed.

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