Monday, September 28, 2015


Well, that was one of the least-stressful thing-fixings I've had - I always worry because this is an old house with wonky plumbing (some of the drain pipes are still lead!) and I am afraid that some needed fix won't be able to be effected because of needing code upgrades or just because things are too old and wonky.

But this one went smoothly:

**sinkness intensifies**

It's so SHINY. Hopefully because this sink is new and unscratched, it won't build up a load of the hard-water scale as fast as the old one did. (I would periodically have to soak paper towels in vinegar and poultice them against the sides of the sink to dissolve the hard water scum). Also, the ugly fake-brass peeling faucet is gone.

The guy did tell me to leave the caulked edge alone at least over night, as anything that touches it before it cures completely will stick in it forever ("FOREVER! FOREVER!")

It wasn't cheap (a bit over $200) but it's done and it's good and the problem is fixed.

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