Saturday, August 29, 2015

Well, that's better

So last night* I came home to a phone message from the piano tuner. He can come out Monday morning. I'll have to arrange for a key handoff as I won't be home but that's okay, we've done it that way before.

(*Well, late afternoon for me - 4:30. I had to go pick up my anti-hive pills and one of the two roads that connects the east and west sides of town - we are split by an interstate - had a big accident on it, so I had to recalibrate and take evasive action to get down to Main Street and go that way)

Of course, that means the house needs to be a bit more clean. Well, I didn't get it all cleaned, my bedroom is still bad, but I am just going to close the door and figure he's enough of a gentleman not to peek behind closed doors, and if he isn't, his reaction doesn't matter.

But I did deep-clean the bathroom and kitchen. I may have found where the "waterbugs" are coming in and blocked it off, and I also used rosemary soap ("Mrs. Meyer's") thinking maybe it would have a slightly repulsive effect toward critters. So my tile floors have been scrubbed now, and I got rid of a lot of accumulated junk. It had been a good long time since I deep-cleaned, and it was BAD but it is better now. I also swept a lot in the family room and hope I maybe chased the fleas away. If they still seem to be here when the piano tuner gets done (and after my lesson Tuesday) maybe I'll get some DE and put it down. (Diatomaceous earth, which is a relatively low-toxicity-to-humans thing that can get rid of bugs)

I also baked the cupcakes for the lunch at church. I still have to frost them but want to be sure they are totally cool. I also get to use my big cupcake carrier again (I think this is the third time. It's a useful thing when you need it but it does take up a lot of space)

My back is better, I think I must have pulled something. It does seem that in the high humidity weather I am more prone to those kinds of little musculoskeletal injuries.

I'm almost done with another "warm up kids" project hat, maybe I finish that tonight. Then I think I'm going to work a bit on the Hagrid sweater for me. Or maybe the couple pairs of socks I have going. I want to finish a couple things before starting anything new.

Because I really want to start the Treehugger stuffie sometime soon.

Or Oh. Yeah, I broke down and bought the pattern for Oh that "Screen to Stitch" was offering - it's a very cute representation of him and I have the right colors of yarn already.

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