Monday, August 31, 2015

And looking ahead

Just realized next Monday is Labor Day, which is our one Federal Holiday Off for Fall Semester.

Also, because of (a) absences and (b) the new minister (and yeah, it still makes me smile to type that) not being here quite yet, we're having a shorter earlier church service - so no Sunday School, so no Sunday School prep.

So less to do to get ready for next week. Unless the weather is truly, truly unfavorable or something goes wrong with my car, I think I am going to take Saturday and go antiquing and also do "big" grocery shopping in Sherman. (If I were more ambitious I'd go to McKinney but meh, the construction is still ongoing).

And I MIGHT take Monday off, or partly off. I don't know. But it's good to have something to look forward to.

Also, I want to cook something good and big and fun. Maybe get some ribs and do them as faux-smoked ribs in the crockpot (rub them with the right spice blend and cook slow and low) or maybe do a whole chicken and then make enchiladas with the leftovers.

Also, I know i will need lots of "mental health days" as the pressure on this wellness program (pogrom?) stuff is ramping up ever more. Beginning to wonder if I could manage on one less meal a day or if I'd just wind up making up the calories at other meals.

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