Wednesday, August 26, 2015

And it's over

I probably shouldn't give out too much detail, but someone was apprehended in my building last night. Like 2 am last night.

It was someone who had a key and apparently at least some of the minor thefts can clearly be traced to them. (Not a fellow faculty member or a staff member, I'll say that much).

I'm relieved yet at the same time kind of freaked out. I am going to take this to mean that it's probably okay for me to come up during the day on Saturdays (guys trying to charge their cell phones notwithstanding - if I see someone outside the building I don't know when I'm getting ready to leave, I will just call campus police and let them know, and let them decide if I need an escort to my car)

We're still getting cameras, and I think we need them, but this arrest was apparently just a lucky instance of someone checking the building and happening to spot the person.

Here's hoping the person still had some of the stuff (papers and important letters in a box) stolen from a colleague. (There was also money in the box and we assume that's gone, but maybe my colleague can at least get the letters from his dad - now deceased - back)

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