Thursday, April 23, 2015

something o'clock

I had a student stop one of my classes absolutely dead today. This student claimed I had not put something up on the class webpage I KNEW I had put up. We went back and forth about it for several minutes and finally I sighed and said, "Okay. Let me bring the page up here and now. I will look for it and if it is not there, I will put it up this instant." (I had my thumbdrive with me that had the document on it)

Student had their phone out (I know, I know, but I've given up) and was looking at the webpage. Before I could bring it up on the class computer, the student goes, "I see Document X, Document Y, and Document Z...." And I was all "IT'S DOCUMENT Y. I TOLD YOU THREE TIMES IT WAS CALLED DOCUMENT Y." (I didn't actually yell, but I did kind of say it through clenched teeth)

I have a headache now. And yes, this is a student who is extremely anxious but stopping class for this kind of thing is no bueno. And this is an upper-division student, so they should KNOW.

I am so ready for this semester to be over.

I totally feel like I need a treat but I don't quite know what. I'm trying to "reduce" a little bit (annual checkup in a bit over a month and another checkup in July and I'd like to be slimmer and also I want to be sure my blood sugars stay dad had another bout of his fasting glucose being high, though his A1C was good, so Type II diabetes is top-of-mind for me, despite the fact that I exercise and am careful, generally, about how I eat. (I just like chocolate probably a bit more than is ideal))

I have more tea on hand than I can use - I can only drink tea when I get home before 4 pm, caffeinated tea after 4 and I don't sleep well. Ditto with yarn, ditto with books (I mean, having more on hand than I can use).

If I knew the places in town better and was less touch averse, I'd look into getting some kind of simple massage scheduled.


Charlotte said...

Maybe your doctor could refer you to a physical therapist. Some of them use massage as part of their treatment plan.

Lynn said...

For a treat, go see a good movie. You get to escape for a couple of hours and you don't end up with something you feel you already have too much of.