Monday, April 27, 2015

For Lynn, quickly

I THINK the dvd player (it's at home, I'm at work) is this one. Or it's one of that family. I didn't get the 3-D because that seemed unnecessary extra expense and that seems to be one of the big differences.

The wi-fi set up really was super easy - it found my network automatically and had me type in the password and it was ready to go. And I can get access to Pandora and YouTube (searching is a little clunky, I think it's really designed so you use a tablet computer rather than the on-screen keyboard using the remote to search) and Amazon Prime and I could have Hulu Plus and Netflix and some kind of streaming tv service that offers a wide range of south or southeast Asian programming (yes, really) if I chose to pay for it.

Oh, and I can get Accuweather so if I need the weather quickly and don't feel like fussing with my computer and The Weather Channel is being stupid, I can get the weather.

It will also apparently use a "wired" network if you have that. (though I know you've complained about satellite spottiness and I could see that being a problem with streaming)

It will also apparently play CDs but I've not tried that, and it will use media off of a flashdrive, so if you have photos on a USB flashdrive you can view them on the tv. 

And it plays both blu-ray and conventional dvds. So until the next big revolution in entertainment that obsoletes everything else, I'm good.

I didn't really see a need to stream video on my tv before (and really, I don't NEED it now), but it is a nice thing to have.

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Lynn said...

Thanks. That sounds pretty good. I want to be able to play all my old DVDs so I haven't looked at Blu-ray players. I sort of want to be able to stream movies. We'll just have to be careful about bandwidth.