Saturday, April 11, 2015

Finally, quilt photos

In the past week or two, it's been either too rainy or I haven't had the time to photograph the most recent top or the most recent quilt. Finally, this afternoon there was good (if slightly breezy) weather and I had time.

First of all: Roll of Stamps, the new top:

roll of stamps quilt

I stalled out on this for a very long time. I think I got a little tired of all the paleness and the fact that a lot of the fabrics were the same one in different colors. (And it was winter, so pale quilt in winter is not as appealing).

Here's a close up:

roll of stamps close up

I've got the backing, just need to sew it up. I think this will be the next one I send in to have quilted. I can't decide on what would be the best design for it, though. (It may be that I'm not totally in love with the top and am actually considering getting it done and then putting it aside in case there's an instance of someone needing a big gift who also would like those mom might go for it but I seriously doubt it would be done in time for her birthday this year because of the wait-time)

And then a quilt that is very decidedly for me:

"hipster" quilt

This is the "wonky four patch" (I think the real name for the design is "cobblestone" but I think of it as "wonky four patch") in the funny "hipsterish" fabrics (old movie-theater tickets, old film cameras). The color scheme is a bit different (pink, grey, mustard, and orange) but I like it.

I got a big piece of the ticket-print for the back:

"hipster" backing

I had a big swirly design done on here in pink. It came out well....a lot of these modern-style quilts tend to benefit from the big swirly machine quilting (And I tend to think more traditional styles are better hand-quilted, or machine quilted in a more linear or traditional style of quilting)

Here's a close up. I did my typical pieced binding using a little scrap from the backing along with purchased binding (orange) fabric):

"Hipster" quilt close up

And finally - after finishing my work on my paper, I had to run a couple errands. One of the places I went had those Funko mini MLP figures (the blind-box ones). So I thought: You deserve a treat for getting the manuscript ready. So I got one:

funko pop big mac

For some reason, Funko does some of its figures in a variant where they have a black background color rather than the typical color of the pony (this is Big Mac, he should be red).

But I think of this one as Big Black, not Big Mac. Because he is....


LeeAnn said...

I LOVE the wonky one! I read one of those (innumerable) DIY things once that mentioned making a quilt of old t-shirts, ones you got at events, concerts, etc. I have that on my "do it one of these days" list. Not entirely sure how I'd be able to quilt it, though, unless I do it by hand. But I'll cross that stitch when I come to it.

Kucki68 said...

I love how your wonky four patch turned out, so cheery and summery.