Wednesday, April 22, 2015

asking for suggestions

So, the remote to the dvd player - the player I bought back in 2007 - died. Nothing I did, not replacing the batteries, not unplugging/replugging the player, not trying a different set of batteries....

So I guess it's time for a new one.

Anyone have particular brands to recommend, or anti-recommend? The local appliance center (which is kind of a misnomer as they mostly cell furniture) sells LGs but apparently that's it.

I don't want one with lots of crazy bells and whistles - I don't particularly need to access Netflix from it, and sometimes having more stuff to hook up to the Internet means more problems. I know there are just-plain players that are fairly cheap.

(And yes, possibly a universal remote would be a possibility, but I'd hate to sink almost the cost of a simple new dvd player into a remote and maybe have the old player die....)

Any ideas? I suppose I could order from somewhere and have it delivered here if I didn't want to go with an LG or take Wal-mart potluck.

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