Wednesday, April 01, 2015

a little foolishness

As I said, I kind of like the April Fool's Day news stories, at least the ones that are funny and harmless.

Here's one: CERN researchers confirm existence of The Force

And this brings back a memory - not a memory I actually remember, but one my mom told me (I forgot the incident) that reminds me that I really was a pretty good, and nice, and thoughtful little kid:

This wasn't too long after the original Star Wars movie (what is now called "A New Hope," or some such. In my mind, it is just Star Wars, and I kind of prefer to ignore that the pre-quels exist. But anyway).

My family had gone to see it - I would have been about 8, maybe and my brother would have been 3.

One day, as we were playing with Lego or something, my brother asked me, "Erica*, do you think the Force is with us?"

(He had a mild speech impediment, so it was more like "Air-ta?")

My mom says she held her breath, afraid I'd destroy his childlike wonder by saying, "That was just a movie."

Instead, I said, "Oh, I HOPE so."

I really do think that as a child, I saw The Force as maybe a metaphor for God (never mind that yes, some people went to the Dark Side) or perhaps the Holy Spirit.

But yeah. On some level I guess I do still hope the Force is with me.

I admit, I still think** "And also with you" when I hear the phrase "May the Force be with you."

**and apparently I am not alone in that.

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