Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ugh, still problems

I did part (less than half, but that's still something) of a workout this morning. The bursitis is still bothering me. Specific moves - the "step touch air" where you cross the leg in front of the other leg and sort of stomp without coming into contact with the floor made me gasp and go "Oh. No." when I tried the first one. (I gave up on the workout shortly after but at least I did  little, I guess).

It comes and goes. Last night I thought maybe it was getting better, and I guess it's better this morning than it was.

(At an extreme, I could go get a steroid shot but I'd rather not as I've heard those are painful and I also worry about steroid side-effects. And in an extreme-extreme, apparently there's a surgery to remove the bursa. I hope it doesn't come to that)

I have a dental checkup today. I don't have any problems that I notice but I am enough of a worrier to obsess a bit - what if I need a root canal? What if one of my crowns is failing? And anyway, the just giving-up-control of being in a chair and having people stick metal things in my mouth is unpleasant for me.

Some of you who know where I teach may be aware of a Big News Story that broke yesterday. I'm not really at liberty to say very much but it's one of those things that makes me frustrated and sad, because there will probably be unfortunate fallout and I can see those of us who were in no way involved in the situation having to deal with that fallout.

I have no prior experience to map to this so I can't just take a deep breath and go, "It will be okay." Because part of me is going, "What if this winds up being the end of us?" and I wind up having to look for a new job somewhere (at nearly 50, and in an environment where full-time positions are increasingly rare) because of the actions of a few people. 


And I still have to figure out what to do with the partially-plagiarized papers. One of them for sure merits a zero but one of the others could have been sloppy attribution, and so I agonize. (I would agonize less if these were our majors, I would go, "They should KNOW" and slap zeroes on every paper)

Students have no concept of how much faculty agonize over things like this. How much we want to do the "right" thing and teach a lesson, but at the same time, reduce calls from administrators over grade-challenges or "you're being unfair to Student X"

All I can say is April better be one darn fine month, because March was pretty terrible in a lot of ways. (Shoot. April Fools Day - the whole month of March was kind of like a sack-over-the-head, kick-in-the-tail kind of month  - so NO ONE better try to pull anything for April Fools' Day)

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