Monday, March 23, 2015

Need a lift?

I've long liked the English choral (mostly hymn-singing) tradition, and I've liked the John Rutter compositions I've heard. I think in a way he is the modern descendant of the hymnwriters of the past, like Isaac Watts or Charles Wesley. His work is "modern," and yet it does honor the traditions and musicality of the past - it follows the traditional hymn-form rather than going a pop-music route.

This is called "Look at the World." The video uses images (the person who compiled it - Arendientje - used footage from a variety of nature programs) of the world, which makes it very restful to watch.

(As a biologist, some of my favorite hymns are those that mention the natural world - All Creatures of our God and King is one that immediately comes to mind. And yes, I do experience a certain peace by being out and watching pollinators or collecting vegetation data or something like that.)

Kind of a good antidote to all the ugly (human) news that's out there right now - photographs of plants blooming and young animals playing.

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