Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Have to share

I first saw this over at Hit Coffee but it's making the rounds, so I wanted to share it.

Hah. That made me laugh so hard.

And I have to admit, that's one of the better news stories of recent weeks. We need more news stories that are just silly and funny, rather than ones that are distressing and make you wonder if the world is coming to an end. (A lot of commentary has been made on why so many people just stopped and watched the llama chase. Well, I think it's obvious: it's a news story, but it's a news story that doesn't really involve controversy, that's not going to negatively affect you, and it has animals in it....we all prefer the story with the animals, I think)

1 comment:

purlewe said...

I will admit that with the music and the sped up video I just giggle and giggle..

Sue loved that they kept calling it a LLow Speed Chase.