Monday, March 02, 2015

As one does....

Cute Overload used to have a feature called "Cats n Racks" (or maybe it was Cheezburger, I don't remember) - it's what it sounds like, a woman with a cat (usually a kitten, actually) down the front of her shirt.

Well, I don't have cats. But this evening, while reading journal articles, I went and got my Derpy to tuck up under my arm while reading (Yes, I know that's strange, but it helps keep me in the chair and reading, so, whatever works). Eventually it wound up like this:

That's actually a nightgown - I got it for Christmas a year ago. It's from Victorian Trading Company. I have to wear a camisole under it (!) though because it's SO VERY low-cut. Either I have a high bustline or the designer of this nightgown was on something. (It's pink with gray trim - it's hard to tell from the photo (and no, I'm not going to pull a "what color is this dress" on you)

I'm trying to force myself back into the "rule" of working an hour - somehow, either writing, collecting data, or reading articles - in the service of research. It's challenging, because teaching has a way to expand to fill the time available, but I'm trying to do it. I need to come up with some new research ideas and that requires reading.

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