Friday, February 20, 2015

Getting stuff done

There's a pop-psych phrase that says, "If you can name it, you can tame it" (usually in reference to dealing with negative emotions: for example, am I angry? am I sad? What is going on with me that is making me not be effective?)

Well, maybe there needs to be one for busy people: if you can list it, you can.....well, I can't think of a good rhyme. "If you can list it, you can best it" is the closest I can come ("best it" in the sense of beating it).

So, from yesterday:

exam has been graded

quiz (which is more urgent) has been written and typed; exam is mostly written and will be completed this afternoon

Lab has been figured out and it's not one requiring a great deal of prep work (I combined two short labs earlier, so now I have an open I had to reshuffle)

Grocery shopping will be done today between 1 and 3 pm. (Not right at noon when I get out of class, because noon-1pm is a crazy time here in town. And not after 3 pm because that's when people start picking up kids from school/daycare and decide to make a stop at the grocery on the way home)

Cauliflower soup was made last night. (It was okay. I think when I reheat some of it I will put a little hot sauce in it to see if that makes it better)

I made arrangements to pick the stuff up that I need for the recruitment event

I worked a little on the paper, will work more this morning.

Plans have been made (provided the weather cooperates) to do spring sampling week after next. If it's below 50 F for several days right before, I'll have to put it off, but at least I have it PLANNED.

Decided I can't worry too much about the Anthem breach; I've done what I can do from my end, it's up to them to take some steps to care for their clients.

Decided not to switch textbooks in one class; the class I had so many problems with in an earlier semester was probably an anomaly and it wasn't that my teaching was getting stale because the version of the class this semester is going pretty well and people seem to be enjoying and learning. (Classes are remarkably affected by their populations; you get a critical mass (can be as small as 2 or 3) of people who are resistant to being there, resistant to the particular prof, and they can kind of poison the attitude of the entire class. But similarly, you get a small number of people who are really interested and care about the material, and sometimes they tend to pull the people who don't care as much along with them.....)

And in three weeks I do get a break - Spring Break. And I'm traveling for it this year, because darnit, it's my dad's 80th birthday* and I want to be there with him. (Okay, I don't get in until the day AFTER but still - we're big on delaying celebrations a day or two if necessary in my family). Haircut will also be achieved during that time.

(*That's a little bit of a big deal because he's now lived longer than either of his parents did.)


So that's most of the stuff on the list that can be handily dealt with in the span of a day or so.

I also managed to get the heel turned on a sock last night. I need NOT to go on the internet and dink around for hours in the evening at home because that eats up all my knitting or reading time and then I am sad because I did not get to knit or read.

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