Wednesday, February 25, 2015

bad weather again

So now it's snowing out. (At least snow doesn't turn streets into skating rinks). Colleague-the-anatomist (the new guy) came out into the hall and audibly worried about the impact of the weather on the rest of the week - there is no wiggle room for him to miss a lab in one of his classes.

AND they've downgraded the weather to "wintry mix with freezing rain" for Saturday. Crud. So now I probably WON'T be able to go do something fun for my birthday. In fact, I'm worrying about being able to get to the store to get more milk (at a time when it's not like Beyond Thunderdome. I might just go this afternoon and HOPE they have's wal-mart, so, no, I can't call and ask.)

This stinks. The past few years I've been sick over my birthday and couldn't get out to do something. And this year I'm well, but the weather is sick.


I know, I could go NEXT weekend, but that seems kind of late and it's not really my birthday any more. And the week after that, unless we have more horrible weather, I will be in Illinois. (There aren't any good places to go antiquing up there; apparently everyone just buys and sells old stuff on eBay, which seems way less fun to me).

I don't know. I got my hopes up when it looked like it was going to be better this weekend, should not have done that.

I'm trying not to take this as a message of either, "You have too much junk already, you should not be allowed to go out and look for more" or "You are not working hard enough, so you should not be allowed to have fun." But it does feel slightly unfair.

maybe I'll try to get milk this afternoon after class (if the roads are okay) and stop at the Italian place on the way home (if they're open, if the roads are okay) and get carry out for dinner. Because, boo.

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