Wednesday, July 16, 2014

then there's this

As a result of a chain of Google searching (what I was looking for was the old Steve Allen bit where he read lyrics of rather insipid 1950s rock songs like they were poetry), I ran across this again.

Seeing as I read Richard III earlier this summer, it seems apropos.

Peter Sellers was nuts but he was also brilliant.

(On YouTube, they say he's mocking Olivier's King Lear, but I clearly see a boar applique on his hat, and the boar was the symbol of Richard III... Also Richard III, as portrayed by Shakespeare, was somewhat of a creeper (he wanted to marry his niece), so it seems appropriate)

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Dyddgu said...

Whoever wrote that on YouTube is talking out their behind. Yes, he is mocking Olivier, but it is certainly meant to be Richard III. And Olivier did play RIII. It even says so on Wikipedia, though I know that's not the fountain of all knowledge. Definitely RIII.