Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finished Lakkos cloche

This took longer than anticipated. You don't really need an accurate stitch count until you start the decreases. And I got there, and I was all "Wait. You don't have enough stitches."

Yeah, I cast on 100 instead of the required 120. So, realizing the hat would never fit me as made (and the decreases would come out wrong), I ripped it all back and started over. It's frustrating to have to do that but then again, the nice thing about knitting is that the worst you can have to do is rip out and start over.

I finally finished it last night.

It's hard to photograph. Here it is lying flat on the piano bench; doesn't look like much.

lakkos cloths

It's shaped with short-rows, so the part that goes over your brow is higher up and then the "ear parts" extend down farther.

Here it is on:

wearing lakkos cloche

It's hard to take a selfie when your camera is as heavy as my old one is. (I need to get a new one, but that's going to have to wait until I've saved up a bit more disposable income)

Here's another photo:

lakkos cloche 2

It looks way less elegant and Art-Deco-y on me than it does on the model. That may be the rather brilliant color I chose. (I used the specified yarn, Verdant Gryphon "Traveller," but in the color called "Lac Rose.") Or it may just be me.


Lydia said...

I was looking at it on you and thinking it looked like an Art Deco cloche or a stylish aviator cap. It looks great!

CGHill said...

Get some appropriate goggles and you can do Amelia Earhart (v1.0).