Thursday, July 24, 2014

And it's done

Oh. my gosh, guys.

So I came home at the end of the day today, and put my car away. As I was pulling up the drive, the tiny glimpse I had of the backyard and alleyway...I thought, "That looks different."

So I went into the backyard.


I walked around back to the alley. Wow, it looks FANTASTIC. I can't believe how much better it looks. They came, they cleared everything out. Cut back all the tree limbs of the trees that are IN my back yard but were overhanging the alley. They even picked up the trash that had accumulated in with the vines and brush and stuff. It just looks so great. Now I just have to decide if I feel up to getting poison over the weekend and going into my back yard and spraying the poison ivy. (I might; it's supposed to be cooler Monday. And I could cart some of my own brush out to the curb.)

When I went into the house, there was a message from the guy that they were out doing it, just to see if I was home. Well, I called him back, partly to tell him how impressed I was but mainly to arrange to pay him. (He said he had to come back into town later this afternoon and will swing by then).

But they came FASTER than they said they would, the work is done, it looks great, the city can't pick at me now. Darrell Bailey is SO HIRED the next time I need tree work done, I'm really impressed. I guess you have to keep casting around until you find a good person and then hang on to them (like I have with my HVAC guys and with the plumber.)

I'm so glad this is done; this is a huge load off my mind.

(And I was thinking the other day about the running gag in Regular Show, where something needs to be done, and Muscle Man says, "I know a guy...." Well, now I know a tree guy.)


Joan said...

Now that you know you have a good tree guy, book him for regular visits, for the month(s) that make the most sense.

One less worry for you, and guaranteed repeat business for him. Everybody wins!

purlewe said...

YAYAYAYAYAY! So happy you found your tree guy.