Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Kind of ugh.

It is currently 90 degrees with a dewpoint of 72 here. It's like a football player's armpit out there.

I am not terribly looking forward to the end of this week. The trip to Pawhuska is finally coming off, but:

a. I have to be the driver as I am the only one "van certified." So I will be driving a 1/2-ton, high-clearance pickup truck between here and there, and possibly some on the reserve we're going to. (I'm kind of rooting for lots of rain so that we can't drive in the rental vehicle lest we get bogged down).

(They do make those things with power steering as a matter of course now, no? I did ask for an automatic transmission because my experience with stick shifts is so small and so pitiful that I didn't want to be responsible for one. I didn't think to demand power steering but surely a 1/2 ton pickup would have to have it?)

b. The plans are mostly up to my student. She's navigating, she arranged for the motel rooms. I am sure she has done everything well and right, but I'm enough of a control freak that it bothers me just a little to be driving off somewhere with few plans I've made outside of getting the vehicle.

c. It's blooming hot, and it will probably be equally blooming hot tomorrow. And possibly Friday. (We might get a bit of a break - as much as 85 degrees rather than 90 is a "break" - early next week.

So one thing I have to do tonight is find my field boots and throw some field-appropriate clothes (it's an overnight thing) in a bag to take. (And remember all my medicines, ugh. One thing I hate about getting older/developing chronic conditions is that it makes things like planning to go places more complicated - "Do I have my anti-hive meds? Do I have my high blood pressure meds? Do I need to pack food in case there's nothing I can eat/in case meals are so badly scheduled I start to get shaky before it's time to break for one?")

I'll be glad Friday evening when this is done and we pull back into town.

I know I just need to take a deep breath and do the Princess Cadance "push it away" maneuver but I have a hard time dealing when I don't know all the plans and/or am not the one to have made them.


CGHill said...

I think the last time they put nonpower steering in a pickup truck was about 1993. Surely it isn't that old.

purlewe said...

I've been wondering what you've been doing foodwise lately. Do you eat any of the energy bar things at all? My house has been a clif bar haven until this past month. I finally found a bar without all that added crap and I love it. I might even try and make them myself. lara bars typically only have 3 ingredients. sometimes just only 2! So we've been using those and I am really liking them. Even the wife who doesn't eat dates likes them.