Sunday, June 01, 2014

Finished diamond socks

One thing I finished over break were the diamond-lace socks. The pattern was in an older (summer 2012, I think?) issue of the Simply Knitting UK magazine. It's a Rhian Drinkwater pattern.

Nice and simple, easily memorized. I like knitting lace socks better than any other technique for "fancy" socks.


I used a KnitPicks yarn, Stroll Glimmer in the color called Fiji. It's a pretty intense turquoise.

diamond close up

This is more true to the color of the socks, but the glimmery bits (sort of like really fine tinsel plied in with the yarn) don't show up so well in the photo.

I chose the yarn and pattern for Reasons.

diamond socks 1

I think Rarity approves. (Her "cutie mark," for non-fans of the show, are three diamonds that are sort of a turquoise color. On the Rarity stuffie shown here, they're a lot paler than they are in the actual cartoon.)

 Rarity by IndieFoxtail on Deviantart....

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