Monday, June 09, 2014

And summer progresses.

* It's odd to be seeing rain (thunderstorms, even) here in June, but I'll take it. We need the rain.

* I found a copy of the Farm Journal Bread Book (what I think of as the "real" one - I have a Galahad Press reprint from the 90s but it leaves out some of the "classic" recipes). An Etsy seller (called Junksavant) that I've bought from before had it. I'm excited because it has the wonderful Roadside Potato Bread recipe, one of the best white-bread recipes I've had, in it.

* And my mom always laughs because she says she once misspoke the name of the bread to someone as "Roadkill Potato Bread."

* It's also what she uses for a base for sweet dough for sweet rolls and fruity bread (bread with dried and/or candied fruit in it).

* And anyway, I love getting stuff in the mail so it's a treat to find something I have wanted for a while and have it come to me.

* I also have to admit I bought something from another Etsy shop called PooBrainWorld - it's the goofy looking "horse" (which was actually the Ice King in disguise) from one episode of Adventure Time. (Jake comments that it looks like the horse has "poo brain" - because it has these weird starey eyes). Anyway, I'd been looking at the PooBrain plushie for a while, and then decided, heck, I've got the funds, why not buy one for myself and support a small-scale crafter?

* Long day today. I taught this morning (Well, gave an exam in one class), have lab this afternoon, have CWF tonight. It's our annual end-of-year salad supper but at least my salad is made: I did that bean and corn marinated salad, which is actually better for sitting in the fridge overnight. I knew I'd be busy and might not get home until an hour before the meeting, and would rather not be blundering around trying to throw together a salad when I feel rushed. All I have to do is get some green onions (hopefully the Green Spray will have them) and chop them up on top of the salad.

* A couple signs I just remembered now I spotted while on the trip.

First off - in the preserve, a bison-warning sign. Like the deer-crossing signs, but with the silhouette of a bison on it, and the words "LOOSE BISON" underneath it. Which made me laugh, given the slang meaning of the word "loose."

(Does anyone talk about people being "loose" any more, or do they just drop any pretense of niceness and go straight for using the word "slut"? Sometimes I wonder if I'm a bit timewarped in how I speak.)

Second, more ominously - when we were getting ready to drive across a bridge (one of the lakes, I forget which one), there was a sign that said, "Watch for wind gusts." Eeeeeep. I have a little fear of driving over bridges when it's windy after hearing about a woman in a small car who got blown off the Mackinac Bridge. I suppose the warning was so people kept control of the steering wheel, but it still made me nervous. I don't like driving on bridges that are really really high up over whatever they are crossing (this is how this one was) to begin with, but also thinking about wind gusts - ugh.

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Nicole said...

Loose bison sound like they could be dangerous in more ways than one...

And the Roadkill Potato Bread... if you were to ever get a chance to post the recipe, that would be great. I love potato bread.