Thursday, June 19, 2014

almost finished productivity

Thursdays in the summer are challenging days. They are one of my lab days:

* Woke up extra early, realized I felt like it was hard to breathe (one of the towns near me reported a dewpoint of 77 this morning), so I reset my alarm for 6 am rather than trying to get up and force myself to do a workout I'd probably poop out on because I couldn't breathe comfortably. (I told myself, "The fieldwork Friday will kind of count")

* Taught my two lecture classes, each is 75 minutes. Gave a short exam in one.

* Graded the exam and quiz from another class, recorded last week's lab grades, got the exam for next week proofread and to the copier.

* Taught lab. And thank goodness, lab finished up an hour and a half early. (I kept telling the students in lecture, without coming out and saying, "HINT HINT" that they could always answer the background questions in the lab manual BEFORE class, that that would also help them study for the lab quiz. One thing that happens during the regular semester is that people dink around during lab and don't work productively and then if something goes wrong during the experiment and they have to re-start, the lab lasts until the very last second of class, or, worse, I have to turf some people out so the next lab can start). This group took my hint so they finished up fast.

* Came home and did a 50 minute workout. It was still humid but I figured that I'd had my dose of monteleukast for the day so I might fare better. (It was still a struggle but I did it).

* Did a second half-hour of piano practice (the first being first thing this morning)

* Fixed dinner, so to speak. (Leftover red cabbage, leftover canned corn, a bowl of blueberries, and a piece of toast)

* Did my Sunday school lesson for Sunday. And I will be glad when we're done with Haggai and Zechariah; they're books I know little about and also there's almost NO modern commentary out there, and I don't quite feel up to plowing through good old Matthew Henry late in the evening on a Thursday.

Anyway, I'm almost done with the lesson, just have to come up with a few concluding remarks.

I may not get out in the field tomorrow; we had about 20-25 minutes of extremely heavy rain this afternoon and I'm thinking maybe the soil needs another day of draining before I get it. So maybe I work on the manuscript tomorrow morning and then head to Sherman. And get the soil Saturday morning. I don't know. I'll have to wait and see.

But yeah. Some days it's tiring being me.

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