Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday morning things

* I got my "Traffic" quilt (this one) back from the quilter and got the binding on it, but it's still wet and overcast here today. If it clears up later I'll take it out and get a photo. I'm pretty happy with how it came out; she did a good job mirroring the "topographic contours" of the one fabric with her quilting, which is what I asked for.

I used the leftover strips from the strip-bundle for the binding. More and more I like doing multi-fabric bindings, and if it's not too precious to call it "my thing," maybe that's "my thing" when I make quilts. (I started doing it out of necessity: had a fabric I wanted to use but didn't have enough so I used a bit of the leftover backing mixed with the fabric I wanted to use.

* I'm slowly beginning to get my sewing/knitting/crochet mojo back, after kind of losing it during exam week. During exam week I thought of the break stretching before me and was all kind of "meh, what are you going to do? Make more socks that it's too hot to wear during 3/4 of the year?" but now I feel more motivated to work on stuff again. Exam week is just tiring and stressful, as much for the faculty as it is for the students. (They have to take exams, but we have to both write and grade them)

* I have to think about projects for over break. I want to finish a couple things I have going (the "Rarity Diamond" socks, the new shawlette, maybe take and work on a sweater) but I also want new stuff. I might take a couple toy patterns with the thought of getting yarn up there (I have some leftovers I left there, plus there's a Michaels', plus my mom has some really well-aged and extra-squeaky acrylic yarn left from the 70s she'd probably let me use....). I still kind of want to do the Angry Bunny but I admit I'd be hard pressed to decide whether to keep him angry or turn him into a happy bunny instead....

* I might also consider doing a dress over break. I feel like I need more dresses for the between-summer-and-winter times (I have lots of summer dresses, and lots of really cold weather stuff). Or more skirts, especially skirts with pockets. If I do a dress, I'm thinking something in a solid color (or a mottled solid), so I can wear more shawls and stuff with it.

* I found a big summer amigurumi project for myself. Once I get back from break, I want to start on Queen Chrysalis. That's a Ravelry link but I think the pattern links are open to the public, so even non-members can see it. 

Yes, I once designated her a "scary villain" but in some of the fanart and the comic book series, she's shown as more comic, and the idea is afloat in some of the fan-done stuff that there's a move to reform her, perhaps using Flufflepuff's mute and uncomprehending love and adoration as the tool. Also, it's just a cool character design. The pattern even has the "holes" that the cartoon character has! The pattern is enormous (25" tall), so I'm expecting it will take a month or more to complete.

And I admit, when I look at the pattern, I have conflicting feelings. Part of me goes, "Wow, that's incredibly accomplished, someone made that up out of her own head!" and another part of me goes "And you can't do that." and feels sad at the lack of really much design ability. (Again and again, my adulthood has been a lesson that "You're not that good at stuff," which is probably good for me in some way but which makes me sad and frustrated.)


purlewe said...

Queen Chrysalis made me say WHOA out loud. I mean.... that is a ton of work? does she have some kind of armature in her to get her to stand? And for her wings? I mean I think she is a FANTASTIC project and you will probably love doing her, but she bends my brain with all the HOW IS IT DONE??!! And when you get her done I will be cheering wildly from the sidelines! I just learned to crochet last month and I am so pleased to finally be making amigurumi myself.

Anonymous said...

My adult life has been lessons in "you're not good enough" and "people don't like you." Sad and frustrated myself.