Thursday, May 08, 2014

Grades are in

Well, that's done.

(And Lynn - thanks. That does help. It's just, it's hard dealing with it in the immediate time-frame. One of the frustrations of teaching (which is probably like one of the frustrations of child-rearing) is that you have to do hard things that make you unpopular with people, but that will benefit those people in the long run.

I just, sometimes, wish people earlier in my students' lives had done the harder things with them.....)

The one upside of having grades in is that they're "locked" and can't be changed, even if you made an error, for a period of time, so at a very minimum I can defer requests to "recalculate" grades.

A few people in my class that has attendance points (or penalty for non attendance) really lost out. One guy lost 20 points because he skipped so chronically. While I don't LIKE the idea of attendance points (I feel like it should be up to the students to decide whether to attend or not), honestly? The bonus points are almost never enough to make a difference in a grade. And the people who lose lots of points are almost always failing anyway, so a loss of more points makes no difference.

I have a bit more research to do. Then go home and do the workout I didn't want to get up this morning (it was super humid again) for.

Then I'm either going to knit some more on the shawlette I started the other night (new project but not photographable yet) or perHAPS start in on doing a Minuette/Colgate amigurumi. (And I have to decide what her name is. I kind of like Colgate, but partly because there's a Coalgate not too far from me, and I always smile when it's mentioned during the weather time on the local news).

I need some knitting/crocheting/sewing downtime.

And in a week I go to visit family. I've already picked out a project or two - I found an embroidered pillowcase set I bought and never started. It's a super simple design - snowflakes in mostly outline stitch - so I'm thinking I should be able to get a lot done on it over break. And finish the socks I have going on. And the new shawlette. And I don't know what else.

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