Saturday, May 31, 2014

and another thing

Guess, just guess, when they did the changeover to "all digital" cable service?

YUP. While I was gone. And apparently that "call and request your new set-top box be sent to you" was hokum; turns out you had to go out and pick them up from the office. (The lady on the phone WAS helpful enough to check to see if anyone was still there today. No, they weren't).

So, IF I feel like skipping out on my Monday office hours, or if lab gets done early, I can pick it up then (along with my mail). And it's supposedly easy to set up. ("Ah, easy for Leonardo!") And then I have to call in and they'll change it over.

Right now, I get a few channels....I think 32 (which is now Qubo) is the highest that I saw I could still receive. And no on-screen guide as to what was on or what was coming on (you don't realize how dependent on that you become). The new lineup is posted of what I WILL get once I get the new box.

The only "new" channel I see (that isn't a replacement for one of the dropped Viacom channels) is Nat Geo Wild. Which is a nice addition, but earlier on they were also promising us Boomerang and DIY and Hallmark Movies...(Okay, I guess Hallmark Movies is available as an HD channel, which I should be able to get with the new box; there is a port for an HDMI cable on my not-so-new tv.)

Ah well. When I was a kid, we had five (later on, six - and it was a big deal when indie channel 19 got started up) channels and we managed. It's just, I wanted to just stare at an old movie or something tonight....I finished reading Richard III on the train coming back (actually read most of it, in fact) and kind of need something entertainment now. (More about my impressions of the play later on)

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