Friday, May 02, 2014

achieving "grading zero"

Grading zero is the educational version of inbox zero - where you clear out all your grading.

Well, I'm there, for now, until exams start on Monday. I thought I wouldn't make it - I gave and graded an exam yesterday, graded lab books this morning, graded a second exam just now.

If I can get my Sunday school lesson done tonight (I already read it so I have some ideas), I will be FREE Saturday. And I think I am going to Sherman after all, because I have an awful, wonderful idea, if I can find what I need for it.

I was thinking about edible glitter after Lynn linked to the Unicorn Barf recipe. And I thought, "I want to make Rice Krispie treats for our festival of finger foods using edible glitter."

Amazon has it, but it wouldn't get here fast enough. So I'm going to see if the JoAnn's cake-decorating section has it. I really, really, really hope they have the gold star kind that I saw on Amazon because I think it would be hilarious to have Rice Krispie Treats for educators with little gold stars in them. Okay, I'm weird that way, that stuff like that amuses me so much.

But anyway. I'm just going to allow myself to go and shop tomorrow and not worry about what I really need to be getting done (cutting the mulberries out of my garden) instead.

I'm also not setting the alarm tomorrow morning. I'll probably be up by 6:30, but still, that's two hours later than I normally get to sleep.

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Lydia said...

I hope that you get a chance to relax and recharge. Getting to grading zero is awesome!