Friday, April 04, 2014

Well, guess what

If you guessed, "She still doesn't have her new home computer," a winner is you.

Yeah. So. The air conditioning guys called a couple minutes past 2, came, took care of the issue (low coolant, as I guessed) and left.

At about 3, I thought, "I better call the computer place."

So I did. I was told the owner was "handling" it and would call me back.

No bueno. No, no bueno. So I wondered: Was the new computer broken already? Did something go wrong in the file transfer? Did they find a file with a title that set off alarm bells and the Feds are on their way to haul me off? (The fact that I have nearly only Sunday school lessons, cat macros, knitting patterns, and photographs from my cousin's wedding on that hard drive would suggest no to the third possibility)

So I waited. And waited.

And finally, at a bit before 4, decided to call back.

The call got dropped the first time. The second time, the guy told me, "There was a problem in the file transfer."


Apparently somehow the files got "corrupted" because of the "tool" they were using, and they had to wait for a new "tool" that was supposed to come in this afternoon. (Apparently, like that town in O Brother Where Art Thou, we are a geographical oddity, only, instead of taking two weeks to get here, everything is supposed to come in at the end of the day on Friday).

And, for all I know, that's a "pooter valve*" explanation. I don't know enough about computers to know how likely what happened is to happen. (Or maybe I just need to accept that I am a Disaster Girl of sorts, and figure out some way to parlay that into something benefiting me.)

(*Is that just an extreme regionalism from where I used to live? "Pooter valve" is what the mechanic tells you is wrong with your car if he thinks you're too ignorant to know otherwise. The Internets doesn't give any references to it, so it may be a very isolated usage.)

So. Once again I spent time sitting at home, waiting, (Which means I have to come in here tomorrow morning and do research, unless I stay extra late tonight to do it).

POSSIBLY they can set it up on Monday. POSSIBLY. At this point I do not trust that I will EVER see this computer. (If I ever do get it, I'm going to name it Unicorn or perhaps Hen's Tooth)

They are refunding me the cost of MS Office for my time, which is generous, but still, dadgum it, why didn't they CALL me as soon as they found out the file transfer was borked, so, I don't know, maybe I could have gone and done my grocery shopping at 2:30 pm after the A/C guys got done?

I was nice. I was polite. I hated making that second phone call to ask what was up and why hadn't I heard back but I guess sometimes you have to get more forceful than I like to get.

Anyway, another day of sitting at home most of the afternoon seems to be looming. I'm not happy about that. And no, I can't do stuff like practice piano because I cannot concentrate when I feel like the phone is about to ring or when I am even waiting for someone to call.

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