Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Planning next sweater

I do still have Hagrid on the needles, but I want to start another sweater. I'm considering winding off at least a skein of the Spud and Chloe I bought for the Belvedere cardigan and at least swatching it tonight. This is a lighter, lacier sweater that could be worn in heavy air-conditioning in the summer, and honestly, I feel more motivated to work on it than on the Hagrid sweater right now.

I also took the afternoon off and went grocery shopping. And I have my Easter dinner planned: I am going to roast another chicken. I saw the semi-organically-raised, "humane" chickens at the grocery and I remembered how delicious the one was I roasted for my birthday, and how lovely it was to have good leftovers for the rest of the week. So I got one. I might also either bake something Saturday, or else maybe do coconut baked custard.

One of my little traditions is for holidays that I'm "here" for (as opposed to Thanksgiving or Christmas), I make some kind of special meal for myself. I either do one that involves more cooking effort, or that is maybe a bit more expensive than what I normally buy.

I also took a swing by the toy aisle, to look for blindbags.

They had a box of the current wave (the Rainbow Wave), but there was also one lone neon wave bag left - which was strange to me, they haven't had neon wave for ages now, but then again, apparently inventory was just done, so maybe it was found somewhere.

I decided to buy it, since it seemed lonely, but said to myself, "Watch, it'll be another Flim or Flam and I already have a couple of each of those."

Nope. I was rewarded for buying the sad single blindbag:

sunny rays

Sunny Rays, a pegasus I don't have. So it was worth buying the bag.

She's standing next to the little LEGO model Big Ben (or rather, the Elizabeth Tower, where resides Big Ben, which I've been told is either the clock or the bell inside the clock) that my brother gave me for my birthday a couple years ago.

Here's a better photo of the LEGO:

Big Ben

I can't quite bring myself to take these down just yet, even though I do have Easter decorations, and this weekend is Easter. But I did pull out one decoration.


This is one of those bunnies from a free pattern from Wee Wonderfuls. He's made out of scraps of fabric left from my childhood - my mom tells me, though I don't remember, that I had a little top out of this fabric. (Yes, my mother has bits of nearly 40 year old fabric on hand, stored away. I like that, actually: having bits of fabric from my childhood that I can incorporate into quilts or other items.)

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