Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Guess what day....

I had forgotten today was April Fool's until I checked in at Ravelry. They do mostly fairly tame April Fool's stuff; the biggest thing is everyone's "ravatar" (our ravelry avatars) gets a hat.

Mine currently is a photo of my Fluttershy amigurumi; she wound up with the Sorting Hat, which was very cute.

I can get behind "pranks" like those: no one's feelings get hurt, it's not dangerous, it's just silly and kind of nice.

I don't like the typical practical jokes, though: as I said, I tend to focus a lot on the task at hand and someone could easily get me "going" on something. Also, I think perhaps being a rule-follower makes a person more prone to being "fooled" - if one of my colleagues came by and said, "There's an emergency meeting in fifteen minutes!" I wouldn't question it, I'd just go, and then wind up waiting, wasting my time, and ultimately feeling stupid.

I also admit I don't like having jokes pulled on me because I guard what dignity I have pretty jealously and I frankly resent it when someone else makes me look foolish or stupid. I know, it's the "bigger person" thing to be able to laugh at that, but....I spent so much of my childhood being made the butt of jokes by my peers that having it happen as an adult brings up a lot of those childhood social failings, and I think that's why it upsets me. (The popular kids were never the butt of jokes; it was only the unpopular ones.)

Anyway, we are having a Program Review today (a person from another university comes in and evaluates one of our programs) so we have to be a little more formal.

And, not a prank, - I proofread and sent in my textbook review with the list of books (14 of them) that totaled the $600 honorarium. Most of those are ones for research - there's a good newish book on the belowground ecosystem, for example, and one on bumblebees, and another on prairie ecology. But I also got a couple of books on human prehistory (Ice Age era) and The Oxford Companion to Food (a book of essays).

I did get a laugh out of a colleague - she inadvertently locked her file cabinet and doesn't have a key, and so had to call security to come and take care of it. I told her she played an April Fool's Joke on herself and she laughed.


Lynne said...

I've had Dish for several years and love it. Love the DVR. Pause live TV. Skip the commercials! Definitely coordinate with your parents. There's usually a recommendation offer where you and they get $50 off.

Bonus: I'll bet the installer will fetch your broom when he's on the roof.

Lydia said...

If the main reason you're interested in TV is the weather, would it make sense to get an inexpensive tablet and a wifi setup? Using a tablet to check the radar would be faster than waiting through the other things they show for the local weather. You also might be able to stream video to the tablet, so you could curl up in bed and watch PBS.