Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Dammit, Moon Moon"

Or: We all look for things to get us through the day.

I had not heard of the Moon Moon internet meme before this morning, when someone on Ravelry brought it up. (A brief history, and some of the images [NB some harsh language] is here).

In short, Moon Moon is kind of the omega wolf, but even more than that, he's the wolf the Polite Southern Lady Wolves say "Bless his heart" about. The Derpy Hooves of wolves. Moon Moon does dumb stuff, like making a lot of noise while stalking prey, leading the other wolves to exclaim "Dammit, Moon Moon" (or similar, but with more swears).

It's a stupid meme - well, most internet memes are by definition stupid - but stupid stuff makes me laugh. And I'm also the person who still keeps laughing at a joke after the cool people have ceased to find it funny. (That's probably a slightly Moon Moon behavior, right there).

But then I realized: Every time something happens in life that would normally annoy you (because it's due to negligence or outright stupidity), you could think, "Dammit, Moon Moon" and move on.

And I have to admit: I had a paper due in one class today. This was a paper I had harped on being due, up to and including writing the due date in big letters on the chalkboard and leaving it up for two full class periods, for three weeks.

I have 18 in the class. I received 12 papers. Dammit, Moon Moon.

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