Monday, April 14, 2014

Are pictures here?

Charlotte noted she couldn't see the pictures I posted. Is that true of anyone else? I know on my computer it takes a couple moments for them to load; I think flickr has sludged something up in its interface that slows things down.

I suppose if I have to, I can save them to my desktop and post them via Blogger's picture capability, like this:

Okay, this is from flickr:

This is saved to the desktop, uploaded via Blogger:

There's actually no easy way that I can see to directly download to my desktop from flickr. I had to grab that off the previous post, save it, and repost it. (Stupid flickr. I suppose they do that to protect the privacy of people's photos and prevent people from stealing them and using them, but it makes it a pain. And if people can't see my pictures from flickr, what's the point in having an account? I might as well just upload directly to Blogger.)

I don't know what else to try. Flickr claims it supports Blogger and you can post photos there. I can see the photos on my computers. They do say that Typepad blogs are no longer supported with photo support...

Here's a third option, grabbing the HTML. This may just make a link, though:

finished basketweave Charlotte, can you see this one? It's a different way of linking the photo. If this way works I will use it in the future because it apparently disables the slightly-annoying "scroll through" feature that gets carried along with the photos. (Maybe that's what's hanging it up for Charlotte? Maybe it requires some widget she doesn't currently use?) Ugh, I don't like it when services change how things are done and also don't have any kind of easily-accessible help.


Lydia said...

I saw all of these on my computer.

On my iPad (which is first generation and has problems with some sites), picture one showed up as a black box. Pictures two and three showed up just fine.

Charlotte said...

Pictures two and three showed up but the first one was just a blank white box.

Kim in Oregon said...

Flickr changed the way it supports blogger a few weeks back--I couldn't really understand the blah blah blah but now I just upload directly from the computer.

Ellen said...

I haven't had any problems with the photos showing up on either my phone or my laptop.

CGHill said...

Hmmm. My Architecture Tour set from last weekend was done in piecemeal style: I uploaded all the full-size pix to Flickr, all the 480s to WordPress, and never the twain shall meet. Perhaps I was anticipating difficulty without realizing it.