Wednesday, April 09, 2014

All is forgiven

Yeah. I'm deciding that all the delays on getting the computer were because the place was absolutely committed to having it RIGHT. The guy who set it up told me, "Yeah, when we checked the drivers yesterday [he did not say which one], one of them crashed and we had to reinstall. But it's stable now." Better I had to wait (though I still say it would have been more courteous to call me and tell me) than have some big-box place come out and plug it in and go, "OK, you're on your own."

And they comped me a nice new router for my trouble. The old, old Linksys (which may no longer "talk" to newer computers, or it may be that a book fell on it a few days ago, even though it lights up and "acts" like it's on) is going to go to the next electronics-recycling day. As may my printer (unless I can find someone who "needs" an HP 720 deskjet. It still works, it's a darn good printer, but it's hard to find ink for, and also, I don't have the driver CD for it any more). And the shell of the old laptop. (They gave me the hard drive, because "We didn't pull every last thing off there, just the stuff that looked important, so if there's something you find you need, call us and we'll come out and try to transfer the file over." but a quick scan of the files that DID get transferred over, it looks like everything I would even remotely want)

I started it up briefly this morning because I remembered I needed to print my train tickets for my May trip and I wanted to do that. (The new printer is also nice. It's an all in one - it scans and copies as well as prints, and it can be made to act as a fax machine with extra work and money to the phone company. But then again? Anything I would want to fax these days can pretty much be scanned and e-mailed.)

Also, there was no charge for the hour plus of the tech's time in setting it up; that's just part of the deal when you buy a computer from them. (If it breaks, or if I need something else done, that will cost....unless it's something that's "their fault.")

At one point, when we were standing around trying to figure out the router problem (the modem and router are in my living room, near the cable inlet), he remarked, "So, you knit and crochet?" after seeing the sweater and sock and other stuff in progress spread out. (He did not ask: "So, you're a Brony?" even though I KNOW he saw the Ponies on my mantel. He did refer to having watched anime, which I know isn't the same thing, but at least he's not one of those grown-ups who thinks any grown-up with interests in 'childish' things is strange and not to be trusted)

I do have to read the printer manual to figure out how to scan and everything. And the easiest way to print photos. (I have a lot of photos of my niece saved via my webmail that I want to print out). And now if I draw something and want to share it, I can scan it. Maybe I will actually take up drawing a little bit again. I was never that great but if I take my time and don't get impatient, I'm okay. Maybe some "OC" ponies will come to grace this page, I don't know.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new computer. I get so frustrated that I can't do all that computer geek stuff. My husband is a computer guy and like most computer guys he always says that all you have to do is Google anything you don't already know how to do but there is more to it than that. Some people's brains are just wired to be computer geeks and most of them don't even know that.

Lynn said...

Congrats on your new computer.

I get so frustrated that I can't do everything myself. My husband is a computer guy and like most computer guys he always says that if you don't know how to do something all you have to do is google it but there's more to it than that. Some people's brains are just wired to be computer geeks and some are not. I can do a lot on a computer but sometimes it's like the computer knows that I'm not one of the special people who can talk to it.

Lynn said...

Sorry. That "anonymous" one was me. You can delete that one. It posted spontaneously before I was done editing.

Chris Laning said...

Even if you no longer have the CD that came with your printer, the printer driver software can often be downloaded from the Internet, even for printers that are 5 years old or so (translates as "ancient" in computer terms!).

CGHill said...

As the other remaining 720c user in the state, I can tell you that there exist Win7 drivers (but not Win8) for it.