Tuesday, March 25, 2014

something kinda snapped

I don't know. I hope this isn't a foretaste of my reactions to come to things. But you know? The real downside to being known as a responsible, dependable person, is that people begin to take for granted that you can kind of work miracles, and they are angry with you when they find out you actually cannot.

I had someone from a group I belong to and do volunteer work with today. It involved two issues: something I was involved with 5 years ago but haven't dealt with since (and therefore didn't really remember how I did it, I figured no point in keeping that in the mental real estate) and another thing that I'm involved with but definitely not in charge of.

I think really what it was was that this person was frustrated and wanted someone they could talk at, but they caught me at a bad time - I had just come out of class, was tired and hungry, was thinking of what I needed to do yet this afternoon and what I needed to plan for tomorrow, and just wasn't in the mood to be unloaded on/blamed/have it hinted that I "needed" to take the task they were trying to do off their hands.

When they got on my case for the thing I'm not in charge of having too lax of a deadline, I noted that I didn't set the deadline. I also admitted I had not thought of it recently, seeing as the week before spring break I had put in 3, 14-hour days, was involved with trying to pick a retirement replacement for a colleague on very short notice. And that during spring break, the office in question was closed. I also noted that I was "very busy" currently (the person in question is semi-retired).

Eventually they kind of wound down, but as I said: really not in the mood for being talked at.

Also, I have a paper due today in one of my classes. I have eighteen in the class. I currently have fourteen papers, including the one from the guy who has a stomach virus (and e-mailed it to me) and the guy whose wife was in an accident over spring break and is having surgery today (he found me yesterday, before her surgery was scheduled, and gave it to me then).

I've decided that I'm not going to be merciful this time if someone doesn't get it in to me. I told the class "If you don't have it in, e-mail it BY 3 PM" and I had also posted a note to that effect on the class BlackBoard page. But I have a strong suspicion a Certain Person, who has a very limited track record for preparation this semester, won't get it in. And you know what my policy on late work is?

Heh. I've been wanting to make a macro file of that for a LONG TIME. Because I really do hear, in my head, when I have to say "The syllabus says no," Richard Dawson saying it Family Feud style.

I do grant extensions in serious cases. But you know? When the guy who told me he can't stop throwing up enough to come to class can get it handed in, when the guy whose wife is in surgery can get it handed in,  and I don't hear ANYTHING from other people, I really am kind of fresh out of mercy.

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