Monday, March 10, 2014

Some sad news

I had some new pictures to share, but I don't quite feel like it now.

Late yesterday afternoon, my friend from church - the one who had been battling leukemia for a while - passed away. While on the one hand, I am relieved she is no longer suffering (and she had a deep faith, so I trust she has gone to Heaven), I am sad for her family. And sad for all of the rest of us who loved her. She was one of those people who always had a kind word for everyone.

I had been planning to visit her this week :( I had wanted to visit earlier but when I was sick I thought it wasn't a good idea in case I was contagious.

Services are still pending. I hope they are at a time that will be easy enough for me to get to them.


Charlotte said...

My sympathy is with you.

purlewe said...

I am sorry for your friend's family and for you. Please take some time for yourself this week to spend time with her spirit if you can. I also hope you can make the viewing since you can't make the funeral.

Lydia said...

I'm sorry to hear about this. She sounds like she was such a wonderful person.