Tuesday, March 11, 2014

one small thing

I really hope the family elected not to have the viewing or family time be open casket.

I understand that for some people this is an important part of saying goodbye, but I....just don't do so well with it.

It might be that the first "viewing" I went to was a grandmother, and I was not warned it was going to be open casket (it's entirely likely my parents didn't know; usually something like that, if they had known, they would have warned me) and I found it kind of unsettling. Well, I also found the weeping distant relative who kind of threw herself onto the casket way unsettling too. (Oh, I was crying, but it was more a quiet flow of tears where I just went and sat down next to a box of tissues and did my best to greet and smile wanly at the relatives who came and talked to me.)

And a tiny whine: I'll be glad for this week to be over, I have something every evening this week and that (being out in the evening) militates against my ability to recharge.

Next week is spring break but because my student and I need to get this trip done, I'm staying here. I also have to get my soil-invertebrate samples going for the spring. (The day I normally would have done it, it was the aftermath of our most recent freeze, and also, I wasn't totally over that respiratory thing).

I've also decided that darnit, one of the Saturdays I am taking and going to McKinney. Because it's been too long since I took a self-indulgent day like that.

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purlewe said...

I hope that the viewing went OK and that you get to see the family. Sadly, I fear you were surprised by another open casket... open caskets are common unless there is a tragic accident. I am sorry your first funeral experience wasn't a pleasant one. Please know I have you and the family in my thoughts right now.