Thursday, March 06, 2014

Back to hexagons

I worked some more on the hexagon quilt last night; I hemmed a few patches and also added a few more to the growing quilt. It's getting to the point where I have to spread it out on the floor to see which color looks best in the slot I'm looking to fill.

I also have a couple other quilt ideas in mind. I started cutting the pastry-themed fabrics (this was a collection from Connecting Threads where I ordered the set of fat quarters) for a quilt. But I also started looking through some back issues of my quilting magazines. I found a quilt that I had initially dismissed from the thought of making (because it was designed as a baby quilt), but I realized with more blocks, it could be a fun lap-sized or foot-of-the-bed quilt. The blocks form Xs and Os (the idea being in the original quilt, like kisses and hugs). And then I thought: That would be cute made out of some of the cute-animal novelty fabrics (hedgehogs, owls*) that I've accumulated without a real plan to use.

(*Are owls and hedgehogs the totem animals of the wannabee hipster? I seem to see them on lots of things lately. Owls give me 1970s flashbacks - along with those big Amanita-looking mushrooms, they were a decorative thing that was EVERYWHERE. Perhaps the history we are doomed to repeat is not actual history, but fashion and home-dec history.)

Anyway, I even thought of a twee name for the quilt: I less-than-3 (ugh, using the symbology screwed things up) Novelty Fabrics. It would look very cute, and I could make it as big as I had fabrics for.

I also thought again of the Typography Quilt I had planned based on that Vignere Cipher from the codebook. I just need to gather them all up (I THINK I have all 26 I need) and figure out how to get 26 squares or rectangles out of each half-yard (a roughly 18" by 40" piece) and how big I can make the patches - and then I can just sew it, no laying out, because the cipher predetermines where each fabric goes.


I also baked cookies last night. AAUW is tonight and I share hostess duties with another person. She's bringing a veggie tray and cheese, so I said I'd get fruit and make cookies. I finally decided to do molasses crinkles, for a couple of reasons: they're a little different (EVERYONE does brownies or chocolate-chips), they keep well (the recipe made just over six dozen and I don't anticipate that many being eaten, so something that will keep well while I eat them up is important). And they're not chocolate, in case anyone gave up chocolate for Lent (that seems to be a popular thing, though maybe giving up sweets wholesale would be more of a challenge). And they have no nuts, but I don't think we have any nut-allergic people in the group.

They turned out very well, even though the molasses I had bought turned out to be blackstrap (which is stronger and less sweet) than the kind I usually get. I also used "cake spice" instead of the cloves and ginger, because I couldn't quickly find my container of ground ginger. I underbaked them JUST slightly so they'd stay chewy - I prefer molasses cookies that are just a little chewy to ones that are hard and crunchy.


Tomorrow is Science Fair Day. I guess I'm looking forward to it, even though it's in a different location (a slightly longer drive, and also a building I'm not familiar with). It will still be a shorter day; they've made it now so we're done judging by noon rather than the old time of 3 pm.

Not sure what I'm going to do this weekend. I probably should come in and work on research but I also kind of want to go antiquing again. (I only got to one shop last weekend, because of all the craziness with wasting time and blocked streets). Or go to the quilt shop here. Or just stay home and sew.

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