Thursday, March 27, 2014

And some snacks

I got a coupon through Eating Well for a service called "Graze." This is a subscription service that, for a fee, will send you a small box of "healthy snacks" (you can go on their website and upvote things you like, and downvote things you don't, or say "don't send me this" if there's something you can't or don't eat) every 2 weeks.

I decided to try it out - the first box was free, and I could cancel if I didn't like it. (Each box is $6, but apparently that includes shipping). There are four single-serving snacks of different kinds in the box - it seems like there is a savory snack, a dried-fruit snack, a snack with nuts, and a sweet snack in there (though I suppose contents vary).

Maybe $6 is a little steep, I don't know (then again, in the vending machine here, candy bars are up to $1) but part of it for me is the little element of surprise (what snacks will I get?) and also the idea of a treat coming in the mail every couple of weeks. (I think, after sampling what I got, I will continue).

I tried one of the snacks yesterday afternoon before piano lesson: it was called Boston Baguettes (little cracker-like breadsticks) that came with a sweet barbecue sauce to dip in. (I presume everything they sell is fairly shelf-stable). It was quite good. Nutritional information is provided on a little flier with the box, and that was the highest-sodium item in the box, and even it was low enough for me to feel okay about eating it. (Also, most of the stuff is fairly low-calorie, and since the snack is already portioned out, portion-control is taken care of). I also got some jalapeno nuts, some dried berries, and a flapjack (the oat cookie - theirs looks less gooey than the kind I make) with orange flavor and a little chocolate drizzle.

As I said, a big part of the attraction for me is the idea of a treat in the mail every 2 weeks or so (I think you can do vacation holds if you are going out of town, or ask them to cancel a week). But based on the one thing I tried, they seem good. (And they are packaged up so I could carry them in my lunch if I so wanted).

They sent me a couple of "friend code" coupons, where if you get the code and sign up, your first (and fifth, if you decide to continue) box is free. If anyone's wanting to try this, e-mail me: I have four of the codes I can share. (Disclaimer: apparently I get $1 off my next box for each code that's used).

I once said I wished there was a service where for a small amount of subscription cost, you'd get a little gift in the mail every month or so. This is close to that, and it's stuff you can eat (and that's supposed to be good for you).

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