Thursday, February 06, 2014

'Pony fans: challenge

First off, a window into the strange rabbit holes my mind leads me down:

It was lab today. Macromolecules lab, which is always kind of fun. It's a simple enough set up: the students have six unknowns (starch, lipid, protein, and the monomers of two of those, plus water). They run a series of tests (IKI test, Biuret's test, and so on...) and figure out which unknown is which.

The class I have this semester seems pretty on the ball, so they worked happily along without too much input from me. So I walked around class (in order to be ready for questions anyone might have). But my mind also roamed around, as it kind of does in situations like that.

We had hotplates in the back of the room (for the ninhydrin test) and seeing them, I thought of that old episode of the Simpsons (one of my favorites, it's the one where Lisa was tempted to "throw" a spelling bee) that had George Plimpton saying "And a hotplate!" (which for a while, was one of my favorite taglines).

Then I thought of the Seven Sisters (which I can never remember, and have to look up - I'm a Public Ivy girl, myself): Barnard, Wellesley, Vassar, Smith,  Radcliffe, Mount Holyoke, and Bryn Mawr. (I was thinking Brown was one of them, but they were never an all-women's school, were they?)

(The snippet of dialog, representing the Seven Sisters in all their stereotyped glory, is reproduced here. N.B.: being a Midwesterner and, as I said, a "public Ivy" girl (I went to Michigan), I have no idea what truth if any is attached to those stereotypes).

But then the stylus of my mind jumped a groove, and landed in the track of another cartoon: if Rule 85 (Alternative numbering: Rule 42) is in operation ("If it exists, it can be Ponified"), what would Pony versions of the Seven Sisters look like? And what would their butt symbols be? From that snipped of dialog, maybe a lacrosse stick for Smith (but how would a pony hold a lacrosse stick?). Barnard, maybe something to do with journalism (Back in the day, Columbia was known for its journalism school....or at least that's where my granddad went for his training)

But that would be an interesting challenge. Or maybe it already exists, I haven't Googled it. (Sometimes when you Google things, it is at your peril, because there also exists a Rule 34.)

(I never know if these kinds of leaps of thought are evidence of creativity or of untreated ADD.)

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Lynn said...

Creativity or untreated ADD.

Perhaps ADD is just unrecognized and un-nurtured creativity.