Tuesday, February 04, 2014

pony-addled brain

Here on campus, they've renamed our career placement center as the Career Management Center (this is the program that helps graduates find jobs).

Yes. The organization on campus that is (in part) responsible for helping people find their "special talent" is called the CMC.

(Ponyverse CMC = Cutie Mark Crusaders, a club the three fillies (Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle) formed to try to find their special talent, and therefore gain their cutie marks*)

(I wonder if that administrator, whom I once overheard murmur, "I'm going to miss my cartoons" one Saturday morning, as we headed in to graduation, had a hand in that renaming, and if she's sitting in her office chuckling over an acronym that means something extra to her)

(* Really, the desire for cutie marks, while it's sort of realistic to how children feel - that wanting to grow up at any cost - well, from the other side of the flank, so to speak, it's overblown. There's a lot about adulthood that isn't wonderful and fun, and I'd have been a lot more resistant to growing up if I had known what all it entailed. Some commenters have even gone so far as to equate the appearance of cutie marks with menarche, which is an idea I find considerably unappealing. And inaccurate, considering that colts get cutie marks also.)

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CGHill said...

I have long suspected that Lauren Faust didn't much care for the whole cutie-mark thing -- hence her "butt symbol" term -- but Hasbro insisted, for the sake of continuity or something.