Thursday, February 27, 2014

And 45 begins

As of 5:05 am (local time), I'm officially 45.

It's weird - knowing that doesn't make me feel old or anything. But realizing that in about a month, my "little" brother turns 40 actually makes me feel older.

I don't really have any plans for today - regular teaching and whatever during the day. I'm going to roast a chicken tonight. I didn't have the energy this week to consider baking a cake, but I do have one more of those frozen creme brulees if I want a "fancy" dessert after dinner.

I might do something this weekend, I don't know. The weather is supposed to be good Saturday which suggests to me maybe a trip to go antiquing might be in order. But I also lost all of last weekend to being sick and I do have an exam to write for next's hard to know. (Friday will be entirely taken up with stuff to do with the job candidate)

It's hard to work "birthday fun" around a busy schedule and also recovering from being sick.

(And for those keeping track: No, I still don't have a computer at home. I called the place a while back. Turns out the recent shipment of the model I ordered was substandard or had some problem and they sent them back. I would have appreciated being told, but whatever. Supposedly my new computer will be in next week. I guess I'd rather have one that was right than have one fast, but's been over a month that I haven't had internet access at home and it gets old, dragging up here if I have to do something online.)

ETA: had to add this, an oldie but a goodie:


CGHill said...

I have one surviving sibling, who is 47. When he turns 50, I expect to take it fairly hard, even though I'll be closing in on a McCartneyesque 64.

L.L. said...

Happy Birthday and hope your new computer arrives soon.

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns!

Charlotte said...

Happy birthday!

Lydia said...

Happy birthday!

Joan said...

Happy Birthday! I wish I could give you the gift of an extra hour every day for a "want" instead of a "must". x

Lynn said...

Happy birthday. My 45th seems like such a long time ago. :-) I can handle being the age I am but when I think about my baby being 30 later this year... that's just wrong. It can't be.

Katie B said...

Hey, happy birthday!

I read this today and thought you might like it:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I'm late...Happy Birthday!