Friday, March 15, 2013

Ready to go

Both logistically speaking (I packed last night; the last thing to do is to put my cell phone in my purse once it has charged back up) and brainwise.

I really need a break. I need time to relax, and to get away from being "needed" all the time. (The most recent: people calling or e-mailing me going "OMG I just remembered I have to meet with you for that arranged class of yours I'm taking, can we meet Friday"

Okay, as long as it's before noon. I know campus doesn't close until 8 pm, but I'm done at noon, so I'm going.

I'm also dealing with another person who seems to have one of Winnie-the-Pooh's little black storm clouds following them around. Have you ever met a person like that? Where bad stuff just seems to happen to them? And it's worse, because they're not really proactive about things - they kind of sit back and let stuff happen to them, and then they expect everyone else around them to drop everything and help them pick up after the problem. I admit I have limited quantities of sympathy for people like that - I don't mean for the schlimazels, the people that bad stuff just seems to happen to - but for the people who don't lift a finger to try to make things better and who just sort of drift through life, expecting everyone else to help them. (Not QUITE a Harold Skimpole, but approaching that territory). So I'm eager to flee town where I can say, if this person e-mails me, "Sorry, I'm on break this week visiting family."

I finished the body of the Live Oak Shawlette last night and did the first two rows of the border (and messed the first row up and had to redo it - it's kind of complex because it's not a 'just straight across' pattern; it's a "do five repeats of this and then finish it off, then do a couple of stockinette stitches, then do five more repeats followed by a few stockinette stitches, and then five MORE repeats...." I'm using lots of markers (I had to keep digging around to find more, so hopefully that will help me keep on track.

I'm determined to finish this even though I fear it's going to be too small for me. It's not QUITE the colors my mother wears but if it's too small for me I might ask her if she would like it. (That makes me sad - maybe shawlettes WON'T work for me as a way to use some of the sock yarn I've accumulated that's either too pretty or that seems too delicate to use for socks. And again, I hate being the size I am...though there's nothing you can do to change the breadth of your shoulders. (I could diet to get rid of my paunch; I can exercise to tone up floppy muscles. There's nothing I can do to alter the size of my shoulders so I just have to deal with it.)


Anonymous said...

I've had good luck with shawlettes worn around the neck like a scarf rather than around the shoulders. You don't get to see pretty stitch patterning that way, but it doesn't make me look like a football player playing dress-up.

Bee said...

I agree with tchemgrrl. Also, shawlettes that are curved, like the Mrs Tumnus shawlette. I mostly wear them round the neck, or sideways, these days, though that is partly because I think I look dorky with a pointy shawl down my back (though I think I look dorky in most clothes, really). Also, how much yarn are you using up in the shawlettes? Could you knit more repeats? block them harder?
idk, just some thoughts.

purlewe said...

I have started knitting shawlettes in worsted weight wool. Simply b'c they sock weight ones aren't big enough to sneeze on. And I bunch most of them around my neck like a scarf. I am kinda sick of the shawlette phase. I make them bigger or wides or longer b'c I am tired of nothing being big enough.