Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Two good things:

1. Just got a note from my Ravelry friend - the pony has arrived! I'm always relieved to hear that. I generally have good luck with the US Mail but I always worry when sending off something handmade (and therefore difficult/impossible to replace - and uninsurable).

The pony has been named Sweet Love and I definitely approve of the name.

It makes me happy to do something like this. (And I am getting sock yarn out of it).

2. It's always gratifying to get a giggle out of your class. I didn't even plan this, but I was discussing water potential today. Water potential in soils is symbolised by the Greek letter Ψ, which is also called psi. (Pronounced like "sigh.")

I wrote the formula up on the board, and pointed out the term for water potential, and I said, "And this is the symbol used, it's psi." And then I had a quick thought: "Not like the crazy Korean rapper."

And yes, I got a little giggle out of the class. Psy may be a little bit passé, but at least he's still good for a joke. 

(No, I've never been brave enough to make a MLP:FiM joke in front of the class. I've made LOLcats references but that's probably as far as I'm comfortable going into what some might see as twee. Then again, it would be interesting to find out the "closet Bronies" in my classes....)

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