Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday at home

After church, I changed into old clothes and spent most of the afternoon sewing. I got a bit more than half of the "Cheddar, no crackers" quilt top I was talking about put together. I decided to try something new with this one - rather than following my general inclination and painstakingly laying the thing out on the floor (and then having to number all the rows and things, and pin all the bits together), I decided to just start sewing and do my "best" as I went along to space the different colors and patterns out well.

So far, it seems to be working. This is a quilt that would be hard to lay out and then take up as "rows" because there's a big central strip of "accent squares" - so what you do is make up one side of the quilt, even down to sewing on the borders, then attach the strip of "accent squares," and then attach the other side of the quilt top. Which means it doesn't lend itself well to the typical row-by-row layout, followed by taking up and stacking those rows to be sewn together (if that makes sense).

If this works well, I may largely abandon the very painstaking layout process (also, these days, it doesn't work so well with my body - too much crawling around on the floor, and also too much bending-over then straightening-up, which drops my blood pressure) except for quilts where the main feature of the quilt is a good random arrangement of the fabrics. (And even then - I could probably get almost as good a sense of what to do by using graph paper and crayons or colored pencils to represent the main color of each fabric).


Also, an open note to the person who keeps e-mailing me to ask if I am the "site manager." Yes, I am. I am getting your e-mails. But I am loath to respond without more detail - I get so much spam that I am fearful this is just an attempt to verify that my e-mail address is "live" by some bot. The e-mails are far too general for me to want to respond to them. If you really are offering something I might want, you will give me more detail.

I do not accept ads, nor do I pay for "guest" posts (I've never had a guest post, paid or not. I might consider letting an actual friend do a guest post, but not a stranger). So most likely what you are looking for, you will be disappointed. (I occasionally get people e-mailing me and asking me to hire them to write a post for my blog. Uh-huh. Good luck with that career.) I don't do "sponsored" reviews - if I speak positively of a product or company, it's one I've done business with and been happy over.

So anyway. That's why I'm ignoring the e-mails. There's also the off chance this "person" is a 'bot somewhere.

At any rate, I tend to be very suspicious of e-mails from people who have never commented or who have never e-mailed me before and that I don't "know" from elsewhere. I don't get e-mails from people claiming to be Nigerian princes any more, but still, that doesn't mean I'm not suspicious.


And it's President's Day, also known as a Holiday Many People Get Off But Not Me. I was slightly irritated last night, when, after hauling my trash bin to the curb just 15 minutes before, I got the city's robo-call: no trash pick up today, not until Wednesday. (I should have remembered that, but then again: I was getting ready to go to work today, so I forgot about it being a holiday for some)

I will admit that the spate of Monday Federal holidays is one reason why I am unhappy with the decision to drop Saturday mail delivery: there will be a number of times a year when we will have three days without mail, which means for those of us who still send actual paper birthday cards (or who actually still pay bills through the mail), it will take a bit more planning-ahead in those instances. And for those of us who actually looked forward to the possibility of getting a card or a magazine on a Saturday, which might otherwise be a bit of an empty day....well, that's gone.

(Also, when I was a kid? We had both Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays. I don't THINK we got them off from school but each day was actually recognized separately. I'm not sure if the more-recent rolling it into one is a recognition that one federal holiday is enough, or a desire not to set ONLY those presidents aside as being "great" ones (though I think most people you asked, they'd be at the top of their lists.))

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