Friday, February 15, 2013

Okay, so it's

...apparently my ISP being broken in some way. If I retry things about eight times I can get back into whatever service I'm closed out of.

This annoys me. But again: if there are several days when the blog doesn't update, it probably means somehow I can't get the interface to work, and I'm temporarily locked out of Blogger. (This scares me, because the help screens I went to were distinctly unhelpful).

GAH. Why do things have to be changed? So much change lately has been for the worse. If something's working okay, trying to "fix" it just makes it broken. I get that's that is how bureaucracies work: they justify their existence by changing things and by claiming to "fix" things that weren't broken in the first place, and they often wind up breaking stuff in the process. Or someone implies that Something Must Be Done, and it is, without carefully contemplating whether the Thing that Something is being done about is a problem in the first place. Or that the beatings are not causing sufficient rise in morale. Or something.

Oh well. I am taking this afternoon OFF. The piano tuner is coming, but after that I am going to relax and either knit or sew. And I'm going to cook a better dinner tonight - I can now get free-range chicken at the Mart of Wal, and in my experience it tastes a bit better than the battery farmed kind (all issues of animal welfare aside). (But you still can't find bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts. Which taste better. And it's not THAT hard to remove the skin at the table). And I'm going to take the hot bath I've been wanting to take for several nights and either didn't have time to, or had to wash my hair (and therefore, shower takes the place of bath). And this afternoon I'm going to have the cup of tea I've been wanting, but which I have not been able to have because I either got home too late (after 4 pm) and I knew the caffeine would keep me up, or, on Tuesday, I didn't want caffeine before getting my blood pressure taken.

(There's something really wrong when your schedule doesn't allow for a proper cup of tea now and then.)

Also, I am taking Sunday OFF and am going to sew. Maybe start the "next" quilt, since I probably won't have time to lay out the one I have the blocks made up for.

I think a lot of my frustration comes from having relatively little "decompression" time - fifteen minutes before an evening meeting doesn't do it for me. (At least next week there are no meetings at all in the evening)

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