Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tiny pony DONE!

I finished the tiny "OC" (as in: "Original Character") pony tonight.

Her name is Scholastica and her "cutie mark" is a lamp of knowledge. Her special talent is finding information. She also wears glasses and has hazel eyes. (Remind you of anyone?)


I'm really happy with how the face turned out on this one. At first I was afraid the "chibi style" head would look freakishly large, but once the mane and tail are on, it sort of works.

Embroidering the glasses was not fun; that metallic thread is hard to work with.

Here's a better view of the hair. I did it differently than the pattern specified because I knew the hairstyle I wanted. I just used many long stitches to do the flat part of the hair, and then did almost like pompoms (but didn't cut  the loops) for the bun and the bangs.

hair detail

It's hard to make the lamp-of-knowledge "cutie mark" work very well in this small a size, but at least I know what it is, and that's what is important:

Scholastica side

I do think I'm going to use this pattern again: it's pretty fast and fun to do. I'm already seriously thinking about doing a "My Little Dalahast" out of red, with a Swedish flag cutie mark, and a white and green mane. Because it amuses me to think of a Dalarna horse translated into the world of My Little Pony.


Christa said...

Oh my goodness. This is your cutest pony yet. I love it.

Joan said...

She looks so bright and hopeful ("I know the answer! Pick me! Pick me!"). The teenytiny wristwatch cracks me up.

L.L. said...

Very sweet!

Chris Laning said...

Two thumbs up on the My Little Dalahest idea. Too cute!